Beginning of the largest bond contracts in the history of Saudi ports


The General Authority for Ports “Ports” announced the start-up and actual implementation of the reference contracts starting today, which were concluded by the Authority during last December to develop container terminals in Jeddah Islamic Port with the companies “DP World” and “Red Sea Gate Station” with contracts extending for 30 In the year, with an investment value of about 9 billion riyals, according to the formula of construction, operation, and transport (BOT), in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and supporting the National Center for Privatization.This comes within the framework of the continuous development processes that the authority is working on in Saudi ports within the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and the initiatives of the National Industry Development and Logistics Services Program (NDLB) to take advantage of the strategic location of the Kingdom that mediates three continents, namely Asia, Europe and Africa, and through which a third of global trade passes as one of the pillars of the program It supports growth plans and contributes to providing an attractive investment environment to make the Kingdom a global logistics center. The National Industry and Logistics Services Development Program transforms the Kingdom into a leading industrial power and global logistics platform by achieving integration between the most promising growth sectors of mining, industry, logistics and energy by 2030, with a focus on the fourth industrial revolution, which generates ample job opportunities for Saudis, and enhances the trade balance. It maximizes local content.

In turn, the General Authority for Ports works to implement work procedures remotely, and continues to receive the flow of various types of goods and supply chains for health, food and industrial products in Saudi ports, and to achieve the highest standards of security and environmental safety through the application of the latest operating systems to keep pace with global standards, and investment in advanced technology and modern technology . These reference contracts are one of the largest allocation contracts in the Kingdom at the present time and the largest contracts for assignment and operation in the history of Saudi ports, which represent a major step towards achieving the strategic goals of the General Authority for Ports and its development plan by allocating some of its services with the support of the National Allocation Center.

According to the two contracts, the two companies improve and develop the northern and southern part of Jeddah Islamic Port completely, which contributes to increasing the capacity of container terminals in the port by 70% to reach more than 13 million containers annually compared to about 7.6 million containers currently, in addition to increasing the demand for local content and flow Investments. The General Authority for Ports aims from these contracts to enhance the pivotal role of Jeddah Islamic Port on the Red Sea coast by raising energy and operational efficiency and updating the infrastructure and metadata of the northern and southern container terminals in the port, which will help in strengthening its leading role in some major projects within the framework of our country’s ambitious vision.

It is worth mentioning that the Ports Public Authority has prepared an integrated plan for the implementation of support contract structures in Saudi ports, to move towards improving the services of Saudi ports, enhancing their competitiveness and capabilities at the regional and international levels and creating promising investment opportunities for the port sector, which contributes to supporting internal trade, logistical services and supply chains within the Kingdom. , Consolidating its partnerships with the local and international private sector, increasing investments with long-term contracts, and accelerating the system of import and export operations.


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