Before the Spartan Court, learn about the last 5 novels that won the Booker Prize


Before the Spartan Court, learn about the last 5 novels that won the Booker Prize

Poker Prize 2019

The jury of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction announced on Tuesday that the novel “The Spartan Diwan” by Algerian engineer Abdel Wahab Issawi won the thirteenth session of the World Prize for Arabic Fiction 2020.

The International Prize for the Arabic Novel “Poker” is an annual reward for the field of novel creativity in the Arabic language. It was launched for the first time in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi in 2007, while the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority undertakes financial support.

Abdelwahab Essaoui … the Algerian engineer who kidnapped poker at the Spartan Court

The award was established in 2007 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where its headquarters is, and is organized with funding from the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, and sponsored by the British Booker Prize Foundation, and aims to reward excellence in contemporary Arabic literature and raise the level of interest in reading this literature globally.

This award is accompanied by a cash reward of 50 thousand dollars, while each writer who reached the short list received an amount of 10 thousand dollars.

The following are the accounts that won the award during the past five years:


The Lebanese novel “Hail Barakat”, Hoda Barakat’s novel, was crowned with the Booker Prize in 2019, after a competition in the short list that included “The Blessing” to Inam Kije, “Cold White Sun” by Kafa Al Zoubi, “The Wills” by Adel Esmat, and “Summer with The enemy, “Sahla Al-Ajeeli,” and “With what guilt did she leave?” Muhammad Al-Mazuz.

Novels won the poker prize

The story of the novel revolves around the tales of the authors, they wrote and were lost like them. But it calls for other messages that intersect, such as the fate of these strangers, who are the immigrants, the displaced, or the exiled exiles, orphans of their broken countries.


In 2018, the award’s jury announced the victory of the Palestinian resident in Jordan, Ibrahim Nasrallah, Jordan Through his novel “The Second Dog War”.

Novels won the poker prize

This novel deals with the transformations of society and reality in a fantasy style, which benefits from miraculous and scientific fiction in exposing the reality and distortions of society in focusing on the corruption of the main character and its transformations between two different locations, from exhibitions to corrupt extremists.

This novel also reveals the tendency of brutality that prevails in human societies and models, and the spread of materialism away from moral and human values, so everything becomes permissible until trading in the fate of people and their lives.


In 2017, contrary to expectations, the novel “Little Death” culminated in the story of Muhammad Hassan Alwan, a fictional biography imagining the life of Wali Sufi, who was Mohyidin bin Arabi from his birth in Andalusia, the middle of the sixth century AH until his death in Damascus.

Novels won the poker prize

The novel deals with a story of a life full of departure and travel from Andalusia in the west to Azerbaijan in the east, passing through the western Maghreb, Egypt, the Hijaz, the Levant, Iraq and Turkey, during which the hero lives his deep mystical experience that he carries within his anxious spirit to perform his message under the shadow of imagined countries and passes through many cities and meets many people and passes through imaginary events and wars Excruciating and restless feelings.


The Palestinian writer Al-Madhoun won the 2016 Poker Prize for Masirah: The Holocaust and the Catastrophe.

Novels won the poker prize

This narrative adds to the Palestinian narrative an unprecedented horizon, and it can be described as the comprehensive Palestinian narrative.

The novel deals at the same time with the tragedy of Palestine in all its aspects, as it falls into four sections, each of which represents one of the movements of the concerto and when the text reaches the fourth and final movement, the four tales begin to harmonize and integrate about the questions of the Nakba, the Holocaust, and the right of return.

It is also considered by some as the narration of the Palestinians living in the interior who suffer from the problem of separated existence, and they found themselves holding an Israeli citizenship that was forced upon them, as it is the narration of the Palestinians who migrated from their land to the Great Exile and then they tried to return in individual ways to their occupied countries, it is the narration of Palestine inside and outside .


In 2015 The novel by Tunisian writer Shokri Al-Mabkhout crowned the Booker Prize for Taliani’s novel.

Novels won the poker prize

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The events of the novel “Al-Taliani” are organized by the mystery of an attack in a cemetery targeted by Abdel-Naser, who is called al-Taliani, his imam’s neighbor during the procession of burying his father, Hajj Mahmoud, in front of the astonishment of mourners.

The narrator ensures that the motives of this incident are investigated by rebuilding the wounded memory of his Italian friend, reclaiming facts that extend from his childhood to the night of the incident.


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