Because of the “underwear” in Ramadan … anger at the Jordanian artist Mays Hamdan!


Jordanian actress Mays Hamdan came under a wide attack from social media users because of her appearance in a propaganda advertisement that angered the followers.

Mais Hamdan appeared in a special advertisement for an underwear company in Egypt.
And some considered that the declaration carried some expressions of dishonorable modesty and general taste, which is inconsistent with the holy month of Ramadan, stressing that this announcement has nothing to do with this month.

Others were surprised by the use of female artists to advertise men’s “boxers”.

In the idea of ​​the advertisement, Mays Hamdan contradicted Ibn Al-Jeeran, who is supposed to wear the products of the announced clothing company, and the contradiction developed into the body, where words appeared in the advertisement and the most prominent thing in it was her admiration for his underwear, something that the public also rejected.

For her part, Mais Hamdan expressed her happiness by participating in this announcement, justifying the appearance of the song “Ibn Al-Jeeran” as being of a different nature.

She explained: “The song is showy, and I do not see that her words have a problem. They are ordinary words and have common terms in our society and are used by girls and young people, even those who object to them use them.”

She stressed to me that there is no transgression in the words or show moves that have appeared.

Mays acknowledged that the ad is really audacious, but not in the details of the ad, but in its entirety in terms of the appearance of a beautiful girl who advertises a men’s product, denying that the ad is banal.


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