Because of his tweet on “The Hijab,” see how Hanan Turk got involved and became the most searched on Google


The name of the Egyptian artist Hanan left the search engines today, because of a tweet attributed to her from the “Twitter” site, which was widely circulated on the social media sites, from a fake account bearing her name

The published tweet included Hanan Turk’s desire to delete her films, and it was written in it: “How I wished they had deleted all my films that I had without a veil … Thank God who guided us.”

It is noteworthy that the actress Hanan left the headscarf in 2006; she participated in several roles with the veil, the last of which was before she announced her retirement in the movie “Interest”, in which she appeared as the wife of the body officer whose character was the artist Ahmed Al-Saqa, and participated in the work Ahmed Ezz, Zina, Ahmed Al-Saadani, Kinda Alloush.


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