Because of Corona, this company sells for ten thousand dollars every second


Source: London – Kamal Kobeissi

One of them mourns crying, another sells it as a handkerchief in which it dries tears, and so it has been happening for months that millions have isolated themselves in imposed quarantine, for fear of “new” Corona for them, because they are buying some of their needs “online” to reach their homes, most of them from a company founded in 1994 in Karaj cars in The city of Bellevue is the farthest American state, which is Washington, the northwestmost American border with Canada.

The company that ballooned and became the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, has made people’s fear of corona pump $ 10,000 into its box every second, day and night, non-stop, or 20,000 every inhale and exhale from the mouth of its founder, who owns 11% of its shares, and he is the American Jeff Bezos, the richest in the world, will be released after 10 days of what she sold and earned in the first quarter of this year, i.e. in 3 months, and they expect to increase 22% from what was in the same period last year.

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The reason for this jump, which forced “Amazon” to employ 175 thousand additional workers, to meet the global increase in sales, is the virus and nothing else. As for the summary of what they expected, learned about what analysts from Bank of America said, and it was reported by the multilingual website,, and we find something of it in the attached video, that its sales will reach $ 73 billion in the first 3 months. “Because the epidemic caused With an unprecedented increase in online shopping, the sale reached 600 thousand per minute, by the hour, 36 million, or 864 million dollars every day.

This astronomical average of daily sales, which continues around the clock non-stop, jumped 42% by the share of “Amazon” last month, and hit the record Monday by reaching more than $ 2,393, and by that the market value of the company in which it worked became nearly 900 thousand people, one trillion and 200 billion, That is, the third American, after Microsoft, whose value exceeds one trillion and 350 billion. The second is Appel, with more than one trillion and 250 billion dollars worth of exchanges.

And in a week, his fortune increased by 13 billion dollars

Among those who analyzed what reported by “Amazon” because of the global virus, is Josh Brown, writer, blogger and CEO of the American Ritholtz Wealth Company, according to what Al read in a report on the same matter, published by the British Guardian newspaper on Saturday. In the past, the newcomer “made Amazon an urgent need in this ordeal, which is difficult to dispense with,” he said.

From the right, according to the poorest, Buffett, Gates and Bezos
From the right, according to the poorest, Buffett, Gates and Bezos

In the report, it was also reported that the fortune of Jeff Bezos, the founder of the company, increased by a week by 13 billion dollars, so he became the father of four sons, who are 56 years old, owns 145 billion, more than 40 more than the wealth of the second richest after him in the world, which is Bill Gates, founder of “Microsoft” American software, double the wealth of the third richest man, Warren Buffett, the owner of more than $ 74 billion and $ 700 million.


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