Because of an artist … Lebanon receives love letters from Saudi Arabia


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The song, released by Lebanese artist Najwa Karam as a greeting to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, caused a sensation in Saudi society.

The Lebanese singer’s song, “God Takes Your Hand”, topped the scene in Saudi Arabia and won great admiration among various social groups.

And summoned This song is a special initiative undertaken by Saudi media and cultural elites, in addition to a special participation of Saudi intellectuals and businessmen under the title of “Ruwwad and Talents Forum” to present a greeting, which is love letters they signed in their names, to the Lebanese artist Najwa Karam and her country Lebanon.

The artist responded to the initiative through her personal page on the social media “Twitter”, in which she said: “We are with these people one people, forming a great power. You are our brothers and our family always, God willing.”


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