Bayern president praises euro delay, praises Hamidic


Herbert Heiner, president of Bayern Munich, praised the decision to postpone the European Championship (EUR) for a year, to be held in 2021.

Heiner said, in statements to his club’s official website: “Postponing Euro 2020, the only reasonable option was “.

He added: “The tournament was supposed to be played throughout Europe, and this was not possible given the spread of the Corona virus, it is inconceivable.”

He continued: “No one expected the situation to be the same now when I was elected six months ago. “

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He continued: “Now it is the leadership of Bayern Munich during this difficult time with all officials, we must stand together to overcome this crisis as quickly as possible.”

He continued:We must go step by step out of the crisis, this is the only way, and we must manage it together. “

“Once again people take care of each other a little bit better, it is not easy but I am really looking forward to the return of sports activity again,” he said.

When asked about the impact of the transfer market on the Corona crisis, he replied: “It is difficult to predict what will happen, but I agree with Olly Hoeness about the low transaction fees.”

He completed: “This is only logical, when income decreases, the money circulating decreases … I must show my appreciation of Hassan Salih Hamidzic and our sports leadership, they are dealing with the Corona crisis very well. “


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