Basem Yakhur reveals the fate of his reconciliation efforts with Ayman Rida


The face of the Syrian actorBassem YakhourAn apology to the Syrian actorAyman RedaAfter disagreeing with him last year because of a “joke” that Bassem Yakhur said in his program, “We ate it, which angered his colleague.”
Basim Yakhur confirmed that his relationship with Ayman Rida was strained after his comment that he is one of the friends who disgust him when eating with him.
Yakhour said: “The way I commented betrayed me while I was telling me joking and I have a mistake that he was accepting jokes because he was my guest on the program.”
He continued, saying: “Although Ayman Rida Tal`a told me about a joke on the authority of Abdel Moneim Amairi and told about other actors, he understands this condition, why did you get upset when someone else jokes with you, sir? I joked with him and the joke is unsuccessful and I apologize for it.”
Bassem confirmed that he had contacted Ayman Reda and nominated him for more than one job during the crisis and did not say to him, “Thank you”, and he added that he loves him and has all the respect.
In addition, he stuck to him as a presenter for the “Saffar Katar” program, and he was given a huge sum of money equivalent to what he received for his participation in 3 series.
He made clear that he had launched many positive initiatives for reconciliation with Ayman Rida and to please him, but he did not respond.


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