Barcelona is considering not completing the season and the League will threaten


Spanish newspaper “Sport” reported that Barcelona is studying the idea of ​​not restarting the football season in order to ensure the safety of the players, especially after several clubs refused to perform the necessary medical examinations to resume training.The newspaper, which is close to the Catalan club, drew attention to the fact that the Barca administration does not find any justification for returning to the completion of the current league matches in light of the impact of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and before making full sure of the recovery of all patients, which seems specifically far away in Spain.

Barcelona plans to offer an official apology for the matches, although club officials welcome the return to training, but they see that training is one thing and matches are another.The leaders of the Spanish league clubs, have revealed their position on the completion of the season, where they published a joint statement in which they stressed that they will not return to training unless the health situation is safe.

For his part, League president Javier Tipas warned clubs that refuse to resume the league matches, and said that the rejecting clubs will be punished.

Tibas explained that if there is a permit from the state and the Ministry of Health to resume the competition, and the club refuses to play, then he will mock his match automatically, and he will have a disciplinary file from the League and the Spanish Federation.

Tibas pointed out that there are 5 stages that have been set for the resumption of competition, the first is to set dates for the resumption of training and matches.


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