Backstage persuading Moufid Fawzy to participate in an official crazy Ramiz .. Hindic the money you want (video)


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Behind the scenes of persuading Moufid Fawzy to participate in an official crazy Ramiz .. Hindic the money that you want (video), today, Wednesday, April 29, 2020 11:33 pm

/Behind the scenes of persuading Moufid Fawzy to participate in the official Ramez Majnoon Hindik, the money you want (video)

The great journalist Moufid Fawzi said that the hidden camera programs were respectable when they were presented by Fouad Al-Mohandes and Hussein Al-Imam, and they became worn out by the official madman.

Mofid Fawzi added, in his interview with the media Tamer Amin, on “Al-Nahar Al-Nahar” broadcast on the “Al-Nahar” channel, “I was contacted to participate in the Ramez Jalal program this year.”

Moufid Fawzi continued: “They told me the Hindu money that you requested, and the visa and ticket were prepared, but on the same day I traveled to the program, I found the program’s creator sending me a message” We deeply regret that the circumstances of the program have stopped and we will contact you later. ”

In another context, Moufid Fawzi said: “Nabila Obaid, Nadia Al-Jundi, Samiha Ayoub and Hala Fakher are stuck in Beirut.

Moufid Fawzi continued: “They contacted me and assured me that they are stuck in Lebanon and that they went to the embassy and are supposed to return on a plane next Saturday.”

Moufid Fawzi continued: “The Minister of Immigration told me that she will communicate with the Egyptian ambassador to Lebanon and ask that the artists be isolated in their homes.”

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