Avignon theater festival in France canceled


Avignon theater festival in France canceled

Festival Director Olivier B (Louie Finance / France Press)
Avignon theater festival in France canceled

April 14

The organizers stated in a statement, “The circumstances are no longer available for organizing the seventy-fourth session after listening to what the President of the Republic said.” On Monday, Emmanuel Macron pointed out that it is impossible to hold festivals at least before mid-July.

“We have preserved hope as much as possible, but the situation is imposing another scenario. It is now our duty to preserve the future of (Avignon Festival),” added festival director Olivier B and managing director Paul Rondin.

Avignon and impossible in the month of July each year, “the capital of the theater,” attracting 700 thousand visitors. The festival provides revenues estimated at one hundred million euros for the city. The cancellation is expected to be disastrous for thousands of artists and technicians, including many temporary workers.

Since its founding in 1947, the festival has been canceled once in 2003, due to disputes with temporary workers.


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