Atletico replaces fans fleeing Liverpool’s “crime”



Ahmed al-Gharib
Atletico Madrid fans

Atletico Madrid fans

Club decided Atletico Madrid, Spain Paying financial compensation to his fans, who refused to attend the Liverpool match in return for a final price Champions League, For fear of being infected with the Coruna virus, which was later described as a “crime”.

Anfield crime

Atletico Madrid beat the Liverpool With a score of 3-2, last March 11, at Anfield, the bastion of the Lever, to secure a quarter-final seat, after winning back at home, “Wanda Metropolitano” with a goal without a response.

Italian Carlo Ancelotti, Everton’s England coach, described the staging of this match in the presence of the fans, coinciding with the beginning of the spread of Corona virus in Europe, as a “crime”, and German coach Juergen Klopp, the coach of the team, agreed with him.

Europe lived days of anxiety ahead of this match, which was attended by more than 50,000 spectators on the field, after the crazy rise in the number of epidemic patients in Europe at the end of February and the beginning of March.

At the time the match was held, some matches were played without fans, and others were canceled, due to fears of a pandemic, and at the same time of the meeting, a match was held between Paris St. Germain, France and Germany’s Dortmund, without the attendance of the fans.

It is worth noting that the matches of Elfer and Atletico, and Paris with Dortmund, are the last two games in the current version of the European Champions League, before it was decided to stop them in mid-March.

Local criticism was directed at the British government for allowing the match to be held in a regular public presence, which caused the spread of the virus, as media reports said that cases of corona virus in Merseyside increased due to the meeting.

Liverpool Eco said 10 new cases of the virus had been found, a few hours after the Liverpool-Atletico match.

Atletico replaces the fugitives

290 fans from Atletico backed away from the decision to attend the meeting, after they had already purchased tickets, fearing that Corona’s infection would spread to them during the match.

The AS newspaper of Madrid confirmed that this group addressed the Liverpool administration to refund the tickets for the match, given that the epidemic’s circumstance prevented them from attending.

According to the same source, the Liverpool administration refused to compensate the fans, so that the Atlético administration decided to pay for the tickets, which amounted to about 17 thousand euros (15 thousand pounds).

The newspaper pointed out that the Atletico administration not only satisfied that, but also paid back the price of 4,500 tickets that the fans had purchased for the next team’s matches at home in the Spanish League competition, which also stopped.


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