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Athlete / Saudi national team coach Ronar announces his salary cut to Saudi Press Agency


Athlete / Saudi national team coach Ronnar announces his salary cut

Saturday 9/2/1441 AH corresponding to 25/25/2020 A.D.

Riyadh 02 Ramadan 1441 AH, corresponding to 25 April 2020 AD, SPA
Saudi French soccer coach Herve Runner announced today his salary cut in support of the kingdom’s health departments in the face of the new Corona virus.
“I decided to participate in supporting the country’s health departments by reducing my salary,” Ronard said in a tweet on his Twitter account.
“I took this initiative to support all efforts made to combat the Corona virus. I wish you all the best, stay home,” he added.
The official account of the Saudi national team commented on the Ronar initiative in a tweet saying, “Thank you, our wonderful coach, for your initiative in reducing your salary in light of the # Corona virus crisis.”
Ronar’s decision came days after the Saudi football clubs agreed to reduce the salaries of players by 50 percent in light of the stoppage of matches due to “Covid-19” more than a month ago, specifically since the fifteenth of last March.
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