Astronomer Maya Hazim reveals forecast for Thursday horoscope


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The moon lasts until Thursday until afternoon in the “Water Cancer” tower and moves around 5:30 GMT (Fire Lion) tower

Astronomer Maya Hazim reveals forecast for Thursday horoscope

* To be a start: Under the influence of the shadow of the moon of cancer, which makes us less curious and caring for others and invites us to pay attention to our private and family matters … we overcome the characteristics of hesitation and dependence, but the emotional sense is very overwhelming and the feeling of things is high ..

* The era of those influences recedes, so that the shadow of the lion’s moon actually begins from the age, which liberates our thoughts and makes us feel energetic and vital. It also concerns us with communication with people and social life. The moon of the lion motivates us to leave the routine places and get rid of feelings of fear and caution, and increase our courage and desire to adventure and start towards everything new. .

The moon is like (the front) and it is from the end of cancer and the beginning of the lion, and it is considered a good position and suitable for peace, travel and marriage, where these things are commendable consequence and the opening of business and also for partnership between individuals .. Born in the front position the male is cunning and lucky and with tricks and deception and the female good luck is well-liked case. .

A positive triangular angle between Mercury and the moon 120 ° is formed in the morning since 5:00 pm and continues to noon around 14:00 and its effect is that it suits everything and abundant opportunities with it and is suitable for resuming deferred matters, communication, movement and ending difficult work, and related to things that relate to official dealings and communication with those in power Managers, requests, and other formal routine matters are also considered important to consolidating standing..the best are considered for the horoscopes in this order:

Pisces, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aries, Lion, Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn.

Horoscope predictions:


At the beginning of the day, you have family concerns and responsibilities and you seem reluctant to trust anything .. But the circumstances turn in your favor at noon and you find the support of astronomy with things that depend on luck such as material gain and you have good opportunities in your social relations and communication with others and proving yourself .. Your mood rises by 85%.

Passion: On this day, especially the evening, you have the best time to present your point of view or initiate a peace or a positive step .. The best partner during your day is pregnancy, bucket, lion, bow, scale, and Gemini.

the Bull

Your day begins with good fortunes and is full of vitality and your passion for work, as well as your openness to relationships and your interest in your immediate surroundings, but by the time of the afternoon there is some fatigue in family aspects that concern your family environment or one of the individuals..and you also hesitate for any decision or fear of the next steps..Your mood decreases by 65% .

Passion: On this day, you will be a volatile and sensitive person .. You should not exaggerate anything and be flexible and positive .. The best partner during your day is Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces and Pregnancy.


Your fortunes escalate throughout the day .. You start your morning lazy and show you have additional expenses and feel uncomfortable and annoyed for the least reason .. By the time of the afternoon the conditions change for your benefit and become full of vitality and vitality and improve your physical and psychological health .. You care about topics that concern your brothers and your immediate surroundings .. Your mood rises by 80% .

Passion: You want renewal and developments will be in your favor with the presence of the moon in Assad. You achieve harmony with the other party and find your happiness by expressing your emotions so that you communicate and speak more … The best partner during your day is pregnancy, bucket, lion, bow, balance, and Gemini.


The moon remains with you until the afternoon .. The astronomy supports you at the beginning of the day with your personal affairs and social life and gives you attractiveness and attendance .. After moving to Assad you have a period of gains on the level of material and especially the current money as well as work and passion .. Just pay attention to your personal expense that you pay for your well-being .. your mood becomes Afternoon at an average rate of 75%.

Passion: You have a comfortable situation during the day that makes you optimistic, exchanges beautiful feelings and is positive, avoids complaining about your habit … and the best partner during your day, the serious, the scorpion, the cancer, the virgin, the bull and the whale.

the lion

If your day starts with some laziness, depression and your tendency to remember your suffering or your financial conditions are critical .. but your fortunes align with the moon moving to you during the afternoon period where you recover activity and optimism and things will be in your favor .. you spend a new joyful atmosphere and the moon increases you beauty and shine and attractiveness .. look confident and your words Your rational thinking is realistic. Your mood rises at an age of 85%.

Passion: Be flexible, open to dialogue, especially the evening, and the moon gives you a less impulsive, but romantic dreamer .. The best partner during your day is Gemini, Libra, Pregnancy, Lion, Bow, Capricorn and Bull.


At the beginning of the day, the atmosphere is positive, you get opportunities and gains, but you have to be careful starting from the afternoon period when things get more difficult, which is reflected in your nature and psychological aspect .. tend to remember the past and strengthen the feeling of guilt .. Focus on communicating with positive people .. and keep your secrets ..Your mood goes down to 65%.

Emotion: Generally, emotion news is good and you have chances in the air. Just try this day to not relate to trivial matters and past problems that went ahead .. The best partner during your day is cancer, whale, Capricorn, ox, scorpion, pregnancy, and Gemini.


You look pessimistic at the beginning of your day, tired, distracted by your personal affairs, and feel that your stature is not what you want .. By the era of your worries, your anxieties diminish and become better and return to you optimism, activity and vitality and you want to renew and share and exchange ideas so take care of friendship and friends and freedom from your status constraint .. your mood rises by 85%.

Passion: Positive developments often occur in the evening, your emotional conditions improve, and you live in a joyful atmosphere, and are also attracted to friendship … The best partner during your day is the lion, balance, gemini, bow, bucket, pregnancy and bull ..

The scorpion

In the first period of the day, your temperament is stable and your affairs go as you like, especially if you travel with your thoughts far away or in terms of knowledge and news brings you their time and joy .. With the advent of the afternoon period you have more responsibilities … On the other hand I advise you to listen to your mind and not be emotional in all your affairs or scrutinize what Behind the talk, your mood goes down to 70%.

Passion: Your day is a routine and stable .. The period is witnessing pleasant developments, and your feeling of reassurance increases .. Expect positive developments of fate .. The best partner during your day is Scorpio, Virgin, Capricorn, Bull, Cancer and Pisces.

the bow

You feel the beginning of your day that worries surround you intuitive negative and afraid of any new step .. Things are reflected in the era and be more comfortable after fatigue You feel relief and you have joyful news and contacts .. During the coming days you care about your personal life and the time is right to increase your knowledge and renew and seize opportunities .. Your mood rises in the afternoon to 85%.

Passion: a period of renewal, convergence of opinions, and exit from the routine. You can plan a special meeting and have good news in the evening … and the best partner during your day is Gemini, Libra, Aries, Bucket, Bow, Lion and Scorpio.


The beginning of your day tends to entertain yourself and communicate a lot socially and you have chances that depend on coincidences .. With the advent of the afternoon period the chances are less but not bad..You only have to pay attention to aspects of health and your relationship with your surroundings and also for your expense and have a positive change regarding the future in the coming days … your mood goes down by 70%.

Passion: your attractiveness is high this day, but you tend to arrogance and adhere to opinion, yet the opportunities are wonderful and you are the most fortunate horoscope .. The best partner during your day is Scorpio, the Virgin, the Bull, Cancer, Pisces and Capricorn.


You have the beginning of a tiring day that carries some difficulties and may cause you internal pessimism and anxiety and you do not feel psychological comfort .. But with the advent of the afternoon period the rest of the day will be more open and suitable for social communication .. The fortunes will continue for more than two days give you multiple opportunities and there are fortunes in matters of emotion and work, especially partnership And cooperation .. your mood rises in the afternoon to 80%.

Emotion: A suitable day for emotional and romantic matters and the conditions are appropriate for there to be something new positive and perhaps a sudden change that was not with your calculations but positive .. The best partner during your day is pregnancy, bucket, lion, bow, scale and gemini.


At the beginning of the day, you have all the fortunes that make you more optimistic and self-confident and are loved in your immediate midst and increase frankly and appear confused and your attractiveness is high .. Starting from the afternoon period, pay attention to health and there may be cumbersome obligations and tasks above your energy and most of them are routine..and you want to speak with negative people and who On the other hand, new expenses may be imposed on you. Your mood is going down by 65%.

Passion: your attractiveness is high, and the situation is ready for everything new .. This day you have to take into account the feelings of the other party and reduce your cruelty by dealing and pay attention in the evening from a passing dispute .. The best partner during your day is the virgin, the bull, the whale, the Capricorn, the lion, the scorpion and cancer.


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