Astrologists: some particles of light can escape “clutches” of black holes


Astronomers: Some light particles can escape from


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American astrophysicists were able for the first time to follow the fate of light particles that appeared near a black hole and managed to escape from it.

“We followed the approach of light particles from the black hole, and then we spotted her attempt to escape from the force of his gravity. Theorists had predicted this, but no one has yet observed it,” said Riley Connors, a University of California astronomer, who published an article in The Astrophysical Journal. .

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It is mentioned that the gravitational force of ordinary and giant black holes is so great that it prevents any space object from overcoming it without exceeding the speed of light. This means that any space object or any type of radiation cannot pass the event horizon as a barrier that demarcates the effect of the black hole’s gravitational force.

Nevertheless, the Soviet astrophysicists, Rashid Sionaev and Nikolai Shakura, demonstrated that some particles of light approaching an irreversible point could escape from capturing the black hole. In order to achieve this, it must go in a certain direction with respect to the horizon line. In this case, the black hole’s gravitational force accelerates it and helps it escape beyond its boundaries.

Konors and his colleagues first witnessed such a flight, after analyzing the observations made by the RXTE Space Telescope in the double star XTE J1550-564 region in the constellation “Triangle” which is 14.4 thousand light years away from Earth.

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