Aston Martin confirms its commitment to participate as a Formula 1 team in 2021


Aston Martin has confirmed that it will officially return to the Formula One World Championship 1 Starting from a season 2021 Starring as a factory team, headquartered in Silverstone, where he will take part instead of the team now known as Racing Point.

The owner of the Racing Point team, Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll, was recently announced With a group of businessmen, he acquired majority stakes At Aston Martin, and that opens up Rename the Racing Point team Known as Aston Martin, according to the British sports car company, starting from 2021.

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However, the past few weeks have been a bus in Formula One 1, With the start of a season affected 2020 Significantly spreading Corona virus epidemic and the inability to control it, in conjunction with the postponement of the new era of Formula 1 From 2021 to me 2022 At the earliest.

Although there were several doubts about Aston Martin’s hesitation, the company, along with the Racing Point team, announced that Monday (30 March/ March) Al-Mady witnessed Aston Martin shareholders agree to pour money into 536 One million pounds sterling. According to this investment, Lawrence Stroll will become Aston Martin’s CEO, and Aston Martin will return to Formula 1 As a factory team.


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