Artists face “Corona” with “online” parties: the virus – our lives – our destinations will not stop us


Many of the changes imposed by the current conditions on daily life in various fields, to keep pace with the exceptional measures the world is witnessing to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus.

Modern technologies imposed themselves at this stage, as in the techniques of distance education and remote work, and because culture and arts are an integral part of the general picture in which the world lives, creators must have found ways to adapt to the current situation, including what was done by a number of artists By organizing digital parties online, to maintain their relationship with their audiences and communicate with him, and some of them were live parties that had been planned for a long time, and the organizers preferred to convert them to virtual parties instead of canceling them. Others also organized “Online” to ease the feelings of the ban and encourage the public to stay at home without feeling bored, among them the Egyptian artist Tamer Ashour, who broadcast a live concert last Friday through his account on YouTube, and achieved high viewership One million views approached, and the “trend” came out, especially since the ceremony was marked by the interaction between the Egyptian singer and his fans, and Ashour was keen on reading the lyrics and answering some of them.

The Tamer Ashour concert was not the first to be held remotely, so was preceded by the “Disco Egypt” team, as well as the “Compulsory Path” team, which held the “Online” concert to compensate his fans for a party that was canceled due to the conditions of “Corona”, as well as the Jordanian artist Aziz Maraqa , Who gave a party from the roof of his house, stressing: “We won’t stop us.”

«Stay at home»

For its part, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture recently launched the “Stay in the House Culture Between Your Hands” initiative, to encourage the public to stay at home, by broadcasting the anecdotes of the National Archives of Heritage and Contemporary and Contemporary Knowledge, through the Ministry’s channel on YouTube, and its accounts on the media Social.

The musician Omar Khairat’s concert, which was shown as part of the initiative, was a great success, and achieved nearly half a million views in less than 12 hours of its broadcast.

The concerts are scheduled to continue in the coming period, and include a concert by the Syrian artist Asala (tomorrow), and another concert by Angham on the ninth of April.

“An Hour of Revelation”

Success and interaction encouraged many artists to announce online concerts “Online”, among them the artist Amal Maher, who gave a concert last Saturday night, in which she presented the songs of her new album “The Origin of Sense”, and other songs, and received a clear response from the audience.

Likewise, the artists: Rami Ayash, Rami Sabri, Edward and others. While the actress Latifa announced her intention to present an online meeting that brings her audience to answer their questions, during which they present their favorite songs.

The artist Ali Al-Hajjar also decided to present the program “Online”, entitled “An Hour of Revelation,” from his studio in his home, with the artist Ahmed Hamdi Raouf.

The “Online” concerts extended to the field of religious chant, as last week, the Egyptian vocalist Mahmoud Tuhami gave a party on the Internet to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Mrs. Zeinab, which the Egyptians used to celebrate through festive manifestations that span several days.

Al-Tohamy indicated that his initiative comes from his keenness to revive the celebrations of the family of Al-Bayt, as he used to revive them for many years, and at the same time adhere to the preventive measures taken by Egypt, to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

Poems and rhythms on the surface

Digital events were not absent from the UAE, and the most prominent of them was the poetic “rhythms on the surface” event, organized by the Art Center at New York University – Abu Dhabi, with the support of the United States Embassy in the country, on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the launch of this event, which is the longest open evening And direct hair in the Middle East. It attracts students, audiences and artists to deliver words, poetry and “hip hop” music.

The evening was broadcast on Friday evening, via “Facebook”, and 15 poets of different nationalities participated in it.

Because culture and the arts are part of the image of the world, creators had to find ways to adapt to the current situation.

The “Compulsory Path” team organized the “Online” ceremony to compensate its fans for a party that was canceled due to the conditions of “Corona”.




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