Artist Ibrahim Al-Mursi is infected with Corona virus and reveals details of his condition..Video


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  Saturday, April 18, 2020 - 15:19    </span>

The Yemeni artist, Ibrahim Al-Mursi, revealed that he was infected with Corona virus and admitted to the hospital to start the treatment period. Al-Mursi gave many advice to his followers and his audience about the details of his infection and the symptoms he felt, as well as his latest tests.

Ibrahim Al-Marisi announces that he is infected with Corona virus

Young artist published Ibrahim Al-Marisi Pictures via his account on “Instagram” from inside a hospital in the United Arab Emirates, through which he revealed that he was infected with Corona virus and the beginning of the period of treatment that he will be subjected to to face this virus. The photos showed Al-Maraisi in his room, and he is in good spirits. He commented on his infection with Corona with complete satisfaction. He said: You are infected with the Corona virus, and this is the judgment of God and his destiny, and may God give you praise. “

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Ibrahim Al-Marisi reveals the details of his condition

Ibrahim Al-Marisi He also sought to record the first moments of the tests he underwent in the hospital, explained the details of the symptoms he felt and gave many advice to his followers through a video called “My Story with Corona” that he published on his official YouTube channel, and he said: “Thank God for everything in the beginning I felt Some of the symptoms that have been announced, including coughing and a little cold, “ Ibrahim Al-Marisi He further explained that during the past days in which he was subjected to treatment, the tests for Corona became negative for him: “The tests, praise be to God, are negative, and now I will be discharged from the hospital and signed a paper in order to stay in my room for 14 days, I do not go out or meet a person.”

Ibrahim Al-Mursi advises his followers to prevent corona

Face Ibrahim Al-Marisi Also advice to his followers, so he said: “Enjoy the home stone and take advantage of every second. They slept well, and the eating habits must be changed and made beneficial, as well as the Qur’an must be read continuously, and also exercise.” He added that he went through a difficult period because of the absence of his father and mother and found them outside the country and said: ” My psychological condition was bad at first because my mother’s parents got away and they were abroad, but thank God my condition is now better. “

Recall that artist Ibrahim Al-Marisi He has participated in more than one cinematic work during the recent period, the last of which was the movie “Uncle Nagy in the Emirates”. Mohammed Al-Kindy, Alia Al-Mannai, Ahmed Saif, Tareq Al-MuhairiThe work was written and directed by Ahmed Zain.


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