Artist Fouz Al-Shatti announces her pregnancy in a funny way: “I will become a mother”


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Fawzi Al-Shatti announces her pregnancy in a new way

The actress Fouz Al-Shatti announced her pregnancy in a romantic way, through her personal account on the site “Snapchat”.

She posted a picture of a group of fruits and a picture of a pregnant mother and commented: “I will become a mother”, to announce in this way her pregnancy to her fans.

The Kuwaiti artist had published a photo a few days ago through her account on “Instagram”, during which she alluded to the news of her pregnancy, and wrote in her comment: “Good is coming … is my confidence in God.”

Who is Al-Shatti’s victory?

She entered the limelight through her participation in “The Stars on the Road” lyrical program in 1996.

After that, she was going to participate in the third season of “Star Academy”, but she announced her withdrawal suddenly and set out with a single song entitled “Anything.”

After that, Fouz Al-Shatti released many successful songs, before proceeding to the world of acting, through which she achieved many successes.

Among her most famous works are “The Minister”, “Love in Hyde Park”, “A woman in search of forgiveness”, “Black eyelid with a precious white heart”, “Wool under Nadia silk” and “Hessa Waiting Station”.

Last December, she celebrated her marriage to a Qatari businessman.


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