Art News – Celebrity News: “Corona” ends Tariq Lotfi’s hopes of being in Ramadan for the third year in a row


Difficult days for the Egyptian drama before the blessed month of Ramadan, in light of the emerging Corona virus crisis that is afflicting the world, and imposing strict precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic and try to control it.

This crisis, which prevents a large number of dramas from continuing to shoot, or compels them to film according to difficult conditions, so that the artist Tariq Lutfi is forced to leave the race days before the start.

In press statements, Tariq Lutfi confirmed that his series “Cairo Kabul” left the next Ramadan race due to the Corona virus crisis, noting that the first episodes of the series have scenes that require filming in England, Lebanon and a number of other countries, which has become impossible to implement at the present time.

The series, written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, and directed by Hossam Ali, deals with 3 stories about the conspiracies being hatched against the Arab region in the recent period, through the characters of the heroes who play the roles of the terrorist and the police and media officer who report the events taking place.

The series’s exit from the Ramadan race comes as a continuation of what happened with its hero, Tariq Lutfi, in the last three years, during which he began preparing for works that were presented in Ramadan, but they were shown outside the race for reasons beyond his control.

He also presented a cinematic experience through the movie “122”, which was able to achieve great success and his revenues exceeded 20 million pounds at the time of its presentation, but his absence from the drama in the most prominent season for it may represent frustration for some.

However, the hero of the series stressed that the most important thing at the present time is to get past the crisis of Corona virus that we are going through.

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