Apple reveals details of how Corona’s contact tracking works in my country


Apple and Google shared good details about COVID-19 contact tracking plans with their joint announcement, but they left some gaps.

However, Apple was ready to fill in some blanks in follow-up with The Verge. The company is aware of the Bluetooth restrictions and that tracking apps can take into account the proximity of alerts to reduce the chances of false alarms. It may only warn you when you have been close to a COVID-19 patient for an extended period of time. You might get

On alert if there is an injured person on the same bus, for example, but not if someone is walking on the street. The tech company also provided more details on how the tracking API works. When the feature is integrated at the OS level, you will need to enable the API before you start to send and receive Bluetooth signals. If

You don’t have a supportive healthcare app at the moment, you’ll still get the last 14 days of proximity events once you install this app. This will not guarantee an ideal system. It may not remove false alerts completely, and the virus is likely to spread through very rapid reactions (for example, someone who just sneezed before walking) that does not appear. However, it may prove effective when officials are ready to start lifting the closing procedures. People may just have to stay home in specific situations, rather than endure seemingly endless social exclusion.

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