Apple plans to buy $ 200 million in assets from Japan Display .. Learn more


Recent reports revealed that Apple is seeking to purchase $ 200 million in assets such as LCD screen equipment from the currently troubled Japan Display Panel. According to the report, Japan Display (JDI) is negotiating with “Apple and Sharp to sell its LCD plant in Hakakan” due to “Weak iPhone sales.”

And the sale was reportedly delayed to both Apple and Sharp in the wake of the outbreak of the new Corona virus“The JDI decided to sell Apple’s first LCD production equipment and real estate to Sharp later,” and after the Hakusan plant was unloaded, JDI would focus on producing smart phone LCD screens at the Mobara plant in Chiba Prefecture.

It is worth noting that JDI started its work on April 1, 2012, and as of March 2014, JDI was one of the major screen suppliers for iPhone iPhones from Apple, and was also a major display supplier for Nintendo Switch with Sharp Corporation until 2017.

The newly created entity INCJ, Ltd, has become a major shareholder in Japan Display with 25.29% of total shares since September 21, 2018 as a company as a result of the old institutional division of Japan Innovation Network (INCJ).


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