Apple may reveal its next iPhone 9 on April 15


It has been rumored a while ago that the upcoming Apple iPhone 9, the successor to the iPhone SE from the year 2016, is approaching. But a few weeks ago, a report was reported that the phone was postponed indefinitely due to the outbreak of the # Corona COVID-19 epidemic.

Today site transfer GSM Arena On a new tweet on the page of the famous leaker John Proser, that the American giant company held an internal meeting to discuss how to move forward, and the meeting concluded that the iPhone 9 will be officially available on April 15, to become available in the markets on April 22. It is not clear whether the company plans to hold an online event to launch, or will only issue a press release.

The iPhone 9 is expected to come at $ 349 or $ 399, and thus it will be an interesting new entry into the mid-range price wars.

According to the current leaks, the iPhone 9 this year will come in a design similar to the previous company version iPhone 8, with the new version having a size of 4.7 inches in the screen, and it includes the A13 Bionic processor chip, and also comes with 3 GB RAM with 128 GB storage capacity.

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