Apple introduces a smart phone at a low price


Apple released a new phone at a relatively low price, in a move considered the first for the American company known for its expensive smartphones.
Apple named iPhone SE 2 on its new phone. Its outer body is identical to the iPhone 8 version and the same screen size is 4.7 inches, while the internal electronic phone contents are almost identical to the new iPhone 11 version.

We also see the return of the interface button with the feature of fingerprint scanning and the absence of the service to open the phone via the face.

IPhone SE 2 IP67 certified for half an hour with a depth of 1 meter. It uses the new A13 Bionic processor which delivers impressive performance in terms of speed and power reduction.

The main phone camera is good, with a 12 MP resolution. During the day, the camera allows to take pictures similar to what can be taken on the iPhone 11, but the quality of the images deteriorates when shooting in the dark.

The front camera of the phone is also good with a resolution of 7 megapixels, while the only negative is its inability to take selfies in wide mode.


The phone battery is small, it is 1821 mAh, and can be charged wirelessly or via a fast charger (does not come with the phone) with a power of 18 watts, which allows 50% charging in half an hour, according to Apple.
In theory, a phone battery can last up to a day because the phone processor is less energy consuming.

It can be said that, in practice, Apple provided a phone that can do whatever the user wants from it. Not a super phone but its features are good, given its price ($ 399), for a capacity of 64 GB.

Expectations are that it will be the best-selling globally, especially after the economic crises that people around the world are suffering due to the Corona epidemic.


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