Apple develops a new feature in “IOS 14” that allows applications to be tried without installing them


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Apple develops a new feature in “IOS 14” that allows applications to be tried without installing them, today, Saturday, April 11, 2020 7:06 pm

07:00 PM Saturday 11 April 2020

Books – Asim Al-Ansari:

News reports said that the American company Apple is developing a new feature for its users, in its operating system “IOS 14”.

According to the “9to5Mac” website, “Apple” is developing a new feature called “Clips”, which allows users to experience applications through their smart devices and operating system “iOS”, without the need to install them.

Whereas, if the user opens a link or scans the “QR” code from an application that is not installed on an iPhone or iPad, this link opens in the Safari browser, but the applications can provide general links that open the application itself instead of the browser if the application is installed.

According to the site, the new feature allows developers to provide interactive and dynamic content of applications even if they are not installed, and the Clips API is directly linked to the QR Code reader, so the user can scan the code associated with an application, then interact with it directly from a card that will appear on the screen.

And when the user scans the QR code, it will appear to you in the form of a card that allows him to use some sections of the application or his experience and get to know its main interface, not all its properties, without installing it completely.

For example, you have a video from YouTube that you want to watch, and you do not have a YouTube application and do not want to open it through a Safari browser, all you have to do is scan its own QR code and the video is displayed within the YouTube player as if you own the application.


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