Apple and Google are tracking the Corona virus


Apple and Google are collaborating to create a program that can track users through Bluetooth and alert them if they approach a person with the Corona virus.

  • The program to track the infected will rely on the technology “Bluetooth”

An unprecedented collaboration between the two tech giants Apple and Google to create a program that will alert people if they come close to a person with the Coronavirus, as this program is the most realistic to track down people infected with the virus and alert people who are sitting with them.

In a joint statement released on Friday, the two companies explained that “this program to track the injured will depend on the technology” Bluetooth “on the phones, which will track whether this phone has been sitting in a safe distance for people infected with the Corona virus.”

Similar to the programs used in Singapore this year, this application will be necessary before the expiration period ends, given the warning that people will receive on their phones that they have been sitting with infected people and that the distance was not safe.

How does the proposed tracking technology work?

The announcement comes as many companies in Europe and the United States are developing applications that reduce infection and allow people to return to work and study.

This cooperation between the two technology giants will support the proposed application, which will be available in the coming months, and the application will still need the assistance provided by the injured and public health centers, as its success requires allowing patients with admission to publish the results of the tests.

As for privacy, it is agreed that the application will share the results of positive checks after the injured person agrees to publish them, but caution remains on the part of other parties that may benefit from this data at a later time.

It should be noted that the adoption of “Bluetooth” in determining the location will be useful, to know the long distances in feet from the affected people.

The alert will also be effective, because it does not work as soon as you pass by injured people, but after sitting with people 6 feet away, for a period of more than 10 minutes.

But the most important thing, and the thing that depends on the project, is whether the users will accept to share the results of the tests, in addition to the percentage of users for this application.


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