Any approach to the government condemning the attacks on Saudi Arabia? The grace period is almost over … and the Arabs have the IMF


It is not a surprise or a development outside the context of nature for Lebanon to condemn any aggression against a sister country. The condemnation by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the rocket attacks against facilities in the cities of Riyadh and Jizan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came in the context of the natural procedure in terms of historical, scientific and societal terms due to the close links between the two countries. But for the statement to be issued by a government supported by Hezbollah, this needs to be explained in terms of dimensions and implications. The approach does not target the person of Minister Nassif Hitti and his career, but it sheds light on an equation: a government produced by Hezbollah condemns an attack in Saudi Arabia. That such detail puts the dispute between Hezbollah and Saudi Arabia within the framework of a political ceasefire. A real effort is required from the government, beyond any entitlement framework, if it radically seeks to correct relations with the Arab states by practically exiting them from the cocoon of Hezbollah by taking deep steps that would return the country to the Arab-international embrace. And there is no …

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