An unfinished star (3) .. “If I were in Al Ahly at the moment, I would have had an affair


The beginning alone is not enough. In football you need to continue for many years to hang on the memory and minds of the fans, and you achieve championships and achievements that keep your name hesitating instead of being an unfinished star.

Reza Al-Weishi, Al-Ahly’s former striker, is the hero of this episode of the series “An unfinished star”, presented by Yalla Koura during the month of Ramadan.

The 35-year-old, who currently plays for FC Egypt after leading the Premier League, moved to Al-Ahly Club in 2007 from the ranks of the railways, and the fans called him the “Bulldozer” in analogy to the Egyptian star Amr Zaki because of his great physical strength.

However, the next-class second-level vaults did not succeed with Al-Ahly after sitting back up in most confrontations, only appearing in 12 confrontations in the season (2007-2008) under the leadership of Portuguese Manuel Jose, who was then dependent on Imad Miteb and Amadou Flavio.

The name Reda El-Weeshy returned to hesitate on the tongues of the Egyptian fans after he scored his first goals in the Egyptian Premier League after a long absence that lasted 8 years since his last goals in the competition, when last December his team FC Egypt saved Egypt from the loss against Egypt Clearing in a meeting that ended in a tie (2- 2) The tenth round of the championship this season.

From the second degree to my family

Reda Al-Weshi tells Laila Koura: “In the first 10 games with the railway team, I scored 15 goals and I was the league’s top scorer. I was called up to the first Egyptian team, and I joined the Olympic team with several stars, including Mahmoud Abdel-Razek and Abdullah Al-Saeed to play a friendly tournament in Qatar, and she starred in this championship and contributed to this championship In achieving the title. ”

He added: “After the Qatar Championship, several clubs competed for my participation, including Al-Ahly, and Adly Al-Qai’i, the contract manager, was the first to talk to me, then I sat with Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the current president of Al-Ahly, and things were settled after the club paid 600 thousand pounds the value of the penalty clause that I set in my contract with The railway after I moved to it from Talkha Electricity Club. ”

Reza Al-Weeshi’s march started with Al-Ahly, but the wind came in a way that the ships did not desire: “I had great ambitions in Al-Ahly after staring in the second division and joining the Egyptian team, as I did not get many chances to score with Al-Sikka Club, but in Al-Ahly I will find someone who will help me On that from a lot of players. ”

What happened in Al-Ahly?

Al-Weeshi explained: “The circumstances did not serve me in not playing continuously, I found a lot of players in my positions such as Amadu Flavio and Imad Miteb and they were the top scorer in the league, alongside Osama Hosni, Ahmed Bilal and Abdul Hamid Hassan, and I was only 21 years old and coming from the second division and not Premier League. ”

He continued: “Therefore, things were difficult for me, if I were present in Al-Ahly with the small number of attackers (my time was pure in a second time).”

He emphasized: “I was crowned with Al-Ahly with four titles and Manuel Jose was treating me well and pushing me in several difficult matches, but I did not have the sufficient balance to allow me to waste the opportunity to score a goal like the rest of the attackers, which is the same situation that Marwan Mohsen currently lives, knowing the difference Between those who are currently playing with him and those who were playing behind Imad Miteb previously. ”

He explained: “Muhammad Abu Trika was not only, there was Hossam Ashour and Mohamed Shawky among a strong team that includes a distinguished group of players. No one thought about attacking Al-Ahly or swinging with a shot on this team, but I was pressured, and I was also afraid when I joined the Egyptian team. There were players I only saw on TV, but the coach Hassan Shehata assured me. ”

Backstage to leave Al-Ahly

Reza Al-Weishi recounts: “Manuel Jose always supported me and stood next to me and did my training on my own, and it was not one of the reasons for my departure not to participate, especially because I had ambition because I was in the Egyptian team of the second degree, but when I moved to a large club the size of Al-Ahly, I found myself outside the team, It was strange to me and I was under pressure. ”

Regarding the reason for the pressures that Al-Weishi was suffering from, he replied: “Many things, a technical director does not give you the opportunity, the media and the mass base, in addition to my young age as a player. There is a huge difference between Al-Ahly, Zamalek and any other team, as evidenced by what I presented with the Arab contractors after my departure from Al-Ahly, during my first year, I was the second league scorer and competed with the top scorer in all my seasons with him.

Al-Weeshi revealed the scenes of his departure from Al-Ahly, saying: “We won the league title officially five rounds before the end of the competition, and Jose promised me to get the opportunity to participate in those matches, but he traveled and did not play it despite his agreement with me, and I will not talk about the assistant coach who decided to keep me away from the formation because I I love him dearly, as he stood beside me a lot, but the circumstances may have changed at the time, “he said, referring to Hussam Al-Badri.

He continued: “After not participating in these matches, I packed my bags and decided to leave, and I notified the officials to leave, either permanently or on loan. Until now I do not want to go to a club where I am an honorary guest. I would love to be influential with the team. I was waiting to pay me after Ensuring the league title to play without pressure, as proof of my brilliance in my first match with Al-Ahly against Suez Cement, I was the best player after paying me as an alternative. ”

He continued: “When the Arab contractors entered into negotiations with me to join me, I asked them to negotiate with Al-Ahly, and the deal was completed and I went to the contractors. I found myself in this place. The situation differed with me, unlike my move to Al-Ahly from the railway, where I went to the contractors as a star with a name and a big affair, where I came from Al-Ahly and from the Premier League. ”

Al-Weishi concluded: “I could have continued with Al-Ahli for a longer period, but the sustenance is with God Almighty, and I only have to strive hard without paying attention to any other things. I like to have a livelihood that I am tired for, and God’s destiny and whatever He wants, I wish I was In Al-Ahly, the club is in better conditions than the one I lived in when I moved there 13 years ago. ”


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