An initiative to write the names of the Saudi heroes on the front of the Ithraa tower


Source: Dammam – Ibrahim Al-Hussein

The cultural edifice Ithraa, eastern Saudi Arabia, is preparing to write the names of the heroes of the nation who are proud of on the front of the tower, in a panoramic way in which they are proud, as the King Abdulaziz International Cultural Center launched “Ithraa” yesterday, the campaign # Your Heroes_The heroes of the homeland, aimed at community participation and encouraging workers in the health sector And security personnel, the educational sector, and all sectors who are making exceptional efforts to confront the pandemic of the “Coved 19” emerging, to preserve the safety of the country, by placing their names in a large panoramic plaque on the “enriching” building.

The Director of the “Enrichment” Center, Hussein Hanbaza, stressed the importance of these initiatives aimed at raising morale and looking positively, especially in light of this crisis that afflicts the whole world, and which obliges members of society in domestic isolation, expressing pride in the great role played by the heroes of the country in dealing with this epidemic .

The campaign was launched on the center’s Twitter site by tagging # Your Heroes _ Champions of the Nation so that the public can nominate their heroes, after which the campaigners gather to “enrich” the posts and the photos of these heroes are selected and displayed on the Ithraa building.

The Center’s participation comes as a complement to the # enrichment with you initiative that the Center recently launched in line with the community precautionary measures that the Kingdom has undertaken under the slogan “We are all responsible” to confront the Corona pandemic, which urges social separation and commitment to stay in homes, as part of a series of efforts taken to limit the spread of this epidemic .


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