An important and promising step .. testing a new drug that can “freeze” the Coronavirus


Sunday 26 April 2020 11:30 AM

Window of the World – Experimental cancer treatment drug may prevent the virus from spreading completely Researchers have begun testing a new drug that can “freeze” the emerging coronavirus and completely prevent its spread.

A report published on “Times News Now” stated that the new drug is already an experimental cancer treatment drug, called “Aptamer”.

And a recent scientific study revealed that this drug can stop and freeze the growth of cancerous tumors, which researchers found that it is able to do with the Corona virus, as it freezes and completely stops its growth and spread.

The researchers at the University of Louisville, according to “Sputnik Arabi”, they are working on testing this drug experimentally, so that the spread of the Corona virus can be controlled and its reproduction and outbreak controlled.

They said, “If this vaccine succeeds, it will help prevent the emergence and spread of any other coronavirus, because it freezes the type of the virus itself through its DNA, as it does with cancerous tumors.”

The drug is slated to obtain FDA approval soon, until the human clinical trials phase begins soon.

Researchers are expected to start testing the drug for people with severe diseases such as cancerous tumors.

The action of the drug “Aptamer” is linked to a protein called “nucleolin” that is found on the surface of cells, where the drug easily synthesizes the protein and adjusts it so that it sticks with the rest of the body’s normal cells naturally and transforms from its viral nature.

Source: Sabq Online Newspaper


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