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The strong and distinguished steps made by the star Amr Youssef in many of his works since his artistic inception, and with each work moving to a more influential stage, Omar Youssef achieved tangible success in the movie “Weld Rizk”, but he had controversial positions from providing second parts, in addition to his departure More than once, about the TV drama, and it also caused a lot of confusion, because he did not cooperate with his star wife, Kinda Alloush.

Youssef believes that “success may turn into a problem, because the audience is ruthless, and will not accept that you remain on or below your level, and indeed the great success is very stressful”, stressing that “absolute championship does not mean it, because in the end it searches for the good role and technical priorities, Whatever its area of ​​work ».

Youssef told «Emirates Today»: “Before the presentation of the first part of the movie (Walad Rizk), there was an intention to make portions of this film to bring together the heroes, and we were waiting for the first part to be presented to know the reaction of the public to this type of work, which combines action And the drama and the comedian, and the success was so great, that it exceeded our expectations, so we decided to accomplish a second and third part. ”He added:“ We stipulated that there be a new and different content until the new parts are done, and if this condition did not exist I would have rejected the team and I, because we do not want To repeat ourselves, and indeed author Salah Al-Juhaini presented us with a new vision that made us very excited Yum the second part. He continued: “It was not easy for the film’s protagonists to meet, all of whom are first-class stars, and every artist has many connections. That is why the implementation of the second part was delayed by nearly four years, but it was implemented with great success.”


The movie’s revenues broke the 100 million pound barrier. On this point, Youssef said: “Cinema is developing a lot, and revenues have become a good way to evaluate some things and achieve more than 100 million pounds, which is a wonderful idea that confirms that the audience is looking for quality, and that it is smarter than that Deceive him with a poor or poor work, as the Egyptian and Arab audiences follow the international cinema like the major filmmakers and specialists, and when you offer him work, he must have special conditions of plot, diligence and subject matter, in order to ensure that he will respect what you offer him, and thus will generate revenues ».

Youssef pointed out that «the movie does not fall under the list of films (bullying), as some have accused him, on the contrary, the director Tariq Al-Arian is a very elegant director, and even if he addresses a popular class in a movie, he directs it in the finest and best way, and this is what happened with (Waleed Rizk 2) Where he said, in the beginning, we will not show a weapon, a knife, or (Sinja), and the dependence will be on the characters of the movie, their adventures and a different way of action and chases … and the film has already been implemented in a very sophisticated way. ”

Team championship

Youssef explained: “I am an actor, and I am looking for enjoyment and a good role, and I do not count things literally in tournaments, and I do not like those who calculate things in this way, because they will lose a lot and may destroy their success.” He added: “It is impossible to reject an important role in a huge movie with a director Great and great production and great stars, just because I am not the hero of the absolute work, on the contrary the big work climbs all, and instead of my fans, I only benefited from the audience of all the other stars. ”Youssef explained:“ I always think about providing roles and works that people love and are affected by, and remain stuck in their memories. ..And this is the only logic that I think of, even though I am not against those who consider mothers T is the absolute heroism, it is logical to others, and I respect the difference in opinions. ”


And on the reason why Yusuf departed from the TV drama, after his successful series “Taya”, he explained: “The series was very large, different and successful, in which I presented the personality of Saidi, and it was a serious risk by all standards, so after that I decided to calculate things and relax some time, and do not repeat myself, And he chose a more popular and successful work, and I was presented with many works that I found similar to the works I presented, then we started preparing for the movie (Waleed Rizk), and it took nine months to film, and I could not participate in any series, and I do not deny that the great success is sometimes a problem for the artist and similar to the wall Higher, the higher the success, the higher the wall, and the more art N to pass this fence to cross something greater and not less than its level, because the audience is ruthless, and will not accept to remain at or below your level, and indeed the great success is very exhausting, and put the artist in huge challenges all the time ».


On his failure to participate with his wife, the Syrian artist, Kinda Alloush, in any artwork since their marriage, Youssef said: “Since we got married, we have our daughter (Hayat), and as a full-time kinda to take care of the girl, as she does not use any nanny, and she prefers to raise (Hayat) herself. Without help, so you haven’t been involved in artwork for a while. ”

“The public is looking for quality, and it is too smart to deceive it with poor or poor work.”

– “I am not against those who consider matters the absolute heroism, and I respect the difference in opinions.”




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