Amer Zayyan released a song that changed a lot of the series if we hadn’t met


The artist Amer Zayyan released a video clip for the song “Changed a Lot” from the series “If We Didn’t Meet”, through the official channel of Rotana on YouTube.

The song’s lyrics say: “Oh my wounds … I don’t want you to wipe out .. O my tears … with the darkness swinging … Pain of days … uncle consciously and slept … and my world is not ashamed … pain of days … uncle consciousness and sleep … and the world is not ashamed … A lot has changed. I never knew you. I never knew you. This is not my heart. A lot has changed. ”

I was very upset when I saw you .. Originally, I did not see you .. You are going, you are not .. What happened to me is strange .. I will strengthen my weakness, my world .. I do not have .. For my concerns I bow … let my heart live and my love die .. I did not ask how many years ago “.

The song “Changed a lot” Lyrics: Ahmed Madi, composed by: Dogu Kiliç, and distributed by: Nasser Al-Asaad, video clip directed by: Elie Rammouz.

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