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The differences between the makers of the series did not end (Jerusalem Guard) Who talks about the biography of the late Archbishop Ilaryon Kabogi, whose character is performed by the Syrian artist Rashid Assaf, and directed by the Palestinian director (Basil Al-Khatib) Even after the promo premiered for work.

We had published earlier about the disputes and charged atmosphere that occurred within the atmosphere of the press conference, which started with the director ending his opening speech to the conference without thanking in name to the author of the work (Hassan M. Yousef) Who was sitting next to him on the pulpit, in addition to clear marginalization attempts that the present work representatives were exposed to, most notably the artist’s hero (Rashid Assaf)And, at the time, the Syrian actor Amal Arafa was absent from attending the conference, in which she plays the women’s championship with a character (Dr. Rima).

Today, after the director of the work, Basil Al-Khatib, published the promo promo, the disagreements resumed and Amal Arafa got her share of the marginalization, which she considered marginalization and willful disregard when she was surprised that her name or scenes did not appear among her promo scenes.: ( As if I was a comeback in the series!? It is strange and strange that I don’t have a blame. It is astonishment to draw the producer and director Basil Al-Khatib. I do not think that my presence in the series can be forgotten in the badge of work.! The justification is that the emblem is not temporary, this is the opposite of our literary agreement, Professor Basil Al-Khatib)
Amal followers interacted a great deal, expressing dissatisfaction with this behavior followed by the director of the work, describing it (Acting selfish and stupid).
and this is What makes us We lay down A question And inquiries About Event:

Is deliberate marginalization used as a marketing and teaser type to draw attention to work? Or is the reason for Basil Al-Khatib’s failure to convince the business stars as if someone had imposed them on him?.

We do not know if bad luck has been chasing the artist Amal Arafa for more than two years, starting with the serial slogan (A crime of passion) Then a series (Seiko)Then, a poorly executed program (There is hope)And then the humiliating painting in a series (Contac) Today, the insignia of the Jerusalem Guard,

Is it not yet time to learn from the lessons of the recent past?!

It is noteworthy that the work monitors the biography of Bishop Kabouji, who was born in Aleppo in 2000 1922 Who became Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Jerusalem in year 1965 Until the Israeli occupation authorities arrested him for a year 1974 On charges of smuggling weapons to the Palestinian resistance, to subsequently be expelled to Rome and spend the remainder of his life in it without giving up his patriotic and religious role resisting the occupation and supporting the Palestinian cause and his homeland Syria until his general departure 2017.

Artists Sabah Al-Jazaery, Salim Sabry, Amal Arafa, Nadine Kaddour, Yahya Bayazi, Sawsan Abu Afar, Jimma Driusi, Jamal Nassar and others participate in the action championship..

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