Although he joined Noble, he was supporting Noir’s stay at the Bayern Munich goalkeeper



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Wednesday 1 April 2020 – 11:18 am
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Wednesday 1 April 2020 – 11:18 am

Bayern Munich board member Oliver Kahn said that Manuel Neuer will remain the team’s first goalkeeper even after Alexander Noble joined the team from Schalke next July..

The German goalkeeper Neuer, 34, has suffered injuries in recent seasons but has regained his form and fitness, before the competition stopped at the present time due to the crisis of the spread of the emerging Corona virus (Covid-19).

“Noir is a symbol of the club and a symbol of our success and our continuity, the goalkeepers in general, as I have already shown, can continue to play for more ages. But the challenge is to stay at the highest levels,” Oliver Kahn said in comments to the newspaper “Short Bild” on Wednesday.

Bayern Munich’s decision to sign the Nobel, 23, in a free transfer deal, has garnered huge interest in the Bundesliga.

According to media reports, Bayern Munich offers Noyer to renew the contract until 2023, but the guard wants to renew for five years, knowing that his current contract continues until June 2021.

Oliver Kahn, the former goalkeeper for the German national team and Bayern Munich, added that he assumed that Nobel was trying to buy time.

“By hiring Alexander Noble, we will join a goalkeeper with great talent, and he will have the opportunity to develop behind Noir and learn from him. Many people do not have the opportunity to work every day with the best goalkeeper in the world,” Kan explained.


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