Alio Badji with “Senegalese robes” to cope with spare time in home insulation


Alio Badji, Al-Ahly striker, posted pictures via Instagram Instagram, while he was in his garden wearing the “Senegalese uniform” on the swimming pool, in light of the stoppage of sports activity in Egypt and many countries due to the global epidemic of Corona, and the Senegalese Alio Badji, the Al-Ahly striker had published Through his official account on Instagram, part of the exercises he performed at his home to maintain his physical fitness, he commented, A difficult period for every person in the world, all we can do is focus on what we can control, let us stay at home for the safety of all, to pray for God’s protection, and to remember those affected in our prayers“.

The Al-Ahly technical staff, led by Swiss Rene Weiler, monitors the commitment of Al-Ahly players to implement home training, where players were warned that the GPS belt will be used upon their return from the leave, to measure the commitment of each player to implement the home training program, given that the belt measured the calories burned The training carried out by the players, and thus the extent to which each player adheres to the instructions is calculated and measured.

Players lead Al-Ahly A physical program from their homes, after the Swiss Rene Weiler sent a training program for the team players via WhatsApp, they perform it during the vacation period to maintain their physical fitness and give them a minimum of physical preparation before resuming the team training.

Along with the coaches, Fyler developed a special program and was sent to the players, which included obligating Al-Ahly players to perform abdominal and back exercises regularly, as well as running on the home or on the street..

The board of directors of Al-Ahly Club headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib decided to close the three branches of the Red Fort (Al-Jazeera – Nasr City – Sheikh Zayed) until the end of March, in order to preserve the safety of the club members and workers, and in line with the directives of the state that is doing its best to protect citizens and in compliance with the instructions of the World Health Organization to meet Corona Virus Who raided the world in the recent period, and this epidemic resulted in the most urgent postponement of major European and Arab leagues after the appearance of some club players in Coruna, and the World Health Organization recommended that all cases that were confirmed to be infected with the virus, even minor cases, be isolated in health facilities in order to prevent Transmission of disease and provision of appropriate care to patients. It is also recommended to place the elderly and people with chronic diseases as a priority, and some countries have expanded their capabilities by converting stadiums and sports clubs to places where care is provided for people with minor conditions while critical cases are taken care of in hospitals.

Al-Ahly striker
Al-Ahly striker



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