Aldeayea: I fear on the Saudi ball the domination of foreign guards


Aldeayea: I fear on the Saudi ball the domination of foreign guards

He said that Al Hilal is the one who leads his coaches for the championships … and he praised Ibn Nafil’s administrative mentality

Monday – 20 Shaaban 1441 AH – 13 April 2020 AD No. No. [

Abdullah Al-Mayouf with the AFC Champions League Cup (Middle East)

Riyadh: Imad Al-Mufwaz

Mohamed Al-Deayea asked the Saudi national team guard and the retired Al Hilal club to reconsider the process of attracting foreign guards to the Saudi League, pointing out that the suffering of Al-Akhdar in the World Cup Russia 2018 is a vivid example of the impact of the Saudi player on the domination of foreign professionals over the main positions in local teams, stressing that more step She will support Al-Akhdar if he reaches the 2022 finals. She is working now to reduce the presence of the foreign player, especially in sensitive positions such as guard and spearhead. Al Deayea, who is one of the most prominent guards in the history of the Asian continent, also praised the levels offered by Al Hilal this season, indicating that this is not new to his former club, as he used to be steadfast and the rest are converting for 20 years, in addition to his enjoying distinguished administrative mentalities, the last of which was Fahd bin Nafil, who Describing him as the president who works in silence and away from the media. Al-Deayea, in an expanded interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, answered many inquiries related to the Saudi league and local football … Here are the details:
> First of all, are you with the cancellation of the Saudi Professional League after the disappearance of Virus Corona?
– At the moment, I cannot say that I am with its cancellation or its continuation, but certainly that the Ministry of Sports led by Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal and the Saudi Football Association will find the best solution to take the appropriate decision according to the data during the next stage and all the periodicals of the world suffer from the impact of this epidemic and there is no any Decisions regarding completing or canceling competitions in these countries, and the Ministry of Sports’s decision to suspend sports activity confirms the attention and eagerness that our rational leadership attaches to providing all capabilities to citizens and residents without exception to face this epidemic and there were many precautions that The Kingdom took it before the outbreak of this epidemic, and from my point of view it is difficult to cancel the league, as there are beneficiaries and teams affected at the level of all leagues, and we followed in the European leagues how the FIFA entered and rejected the decision of one of the European associations to announce the competition champion before the season ended, and the Saudi league competitions For the professionals, there are only eight rounds left, and in a month and a half to two months we can finish the season, and here I do not speak as a Hilal until some people do not understand that I am with the continuation of the league, but I speak in general with evidence that in the last season the difference between Crescent and Victory was nine points and victory was possible Catch up with him and achieve the title.
* How would you rate the technical level of the Saudi league this season?
– I think that the Crescent team is the most prominent and the best so far, and this is not new. For 20 years, it is distinguished by this thing and the rest of the teams are mobile. Everyone knows that the Crescent is the constant in numbers and in everything you find it achieves the first or second position at the level of results and in each season a number of Teams compete with Al-Hilal, including Al-Fath, Al-Ahly, Al-Ittihad, and Al-Shabab. But when the competition with victory becomes the traditional competitor and from the same city, I think it will have another taste. The crescent always has the tools and elements that make it outperform its competitors not only at the local level but even at the level of continental championships and currently. He rose to the throne of the Asian continent after achieving the Asian title.
> We saw a fierce competition between everyone this season, and the words of big teams and small ones faded, do you find it true?
– I think that the stand of Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince, and his great keenness to support equal clubs, had a great role in raising the technical level of the teams. Add to that the administrative thought that we saw in some teams where they were able to present distinctive levels, but an important point must be addressed, which club has the material He has no administrative thought that will face problems, and vice versa. An example of this is the cooperation team in the last season, where everyone testifies to the club president Mohamed Al-Qassem with good planning and how to manage his club’s affairs and everyone witnesses to him in his choice of foreign players and the selection of the appropriate coach as well. Why is this somewhat, but in the end he settled on the coach and achieved good results. If we talked about the union and its status and results, it is very bad. Al-Ahly is also a volatile one and victory after last season was stable in choosing foreign players, so always the administrative thought when it succeeds in choosing the appropriate player is not to his reputation or His fame is rather how the team benefits and this problem that we suffer from. The small teams that have administrative thought managed to confront the big teams despite their limited financial resources and presented distinct levels and results and find that they choose their players accurately and reasonable contracts and it is not necessary to choose players from Europe that Contracts for its players are always expensive and in Africa and Latin America and South America we find good players and most importantly not to rely on brokers.
> How do you see the decision of the seven foreign players in the Saudi Professional League?
– It is a double-edged sword. If we want the interest of the Saudi national team, we must reduce the number, especially as the clubs will focus on bringing the most important positions in foreign players that relate to the center of spearhead and guarding, and therefore we will weaken these centers and we saw that in the last World Cup where we suffered from the small number of players In the center of Ras Al-Harba, and we only had Nayef Hazazi, Nasser Al-Shamrani, Muhammad Al-Sahlawi, and their levels are in decline. Even the guard center we do not currently have, whether Muhammad Al Owais, Mustafa Malaika and Abdullah Al-Ma’youf. Aga B play on the same system, the Asian Championships Union participation of four foreign players only, and even the coach is facing difficulty in the selection process if he has seven foreign players.
* How did you see the Romanian Hilal team coach Razvan, did he have an influential role in achieving the team’s results?
– Razavan, the first thing that oversaw the training of the team, I was very optimistic about him and any coach, regardless of his history and reputation, if he did not have tools on the field he could not succeed, the players if they were on the required level, even if the coach was overwhelmed, he could achieve success and in Al Hilal, even if we returned to the championships that he achieved You find most of them with unearthed coaches and the Romanian Razavan. The first thing that arrived at Al Hilal was working silently, as well as the club president Fahd bin Nafil. I liked him working silently and away from the media. The team and even the coach at the start His work drew criticism in the matter of preventing the attendance of exercises or closing the exercise. Such decisions make the player focus more and I remember during the presidency of Prince Muhammad bin Faisal, the coach Pisero was going well and he won 11 games and there were things that he did not improve in dealing with and the administration paid attention to it and was sacked and came Another coach and we have achieved all the championships, and here I am not underestimating the coach Peseiro. He previously supervised the training of the first Saudi national team. Therefore, the results do not concern us as much as the work is going on. Dealing with foreign players, for example, should not differ when dealing with local players, and it should be treated equally and appear. Importance Every player on the team.
> How do you see the future of the first Saudi national team, and is it possible to reach the 2022 World Cup?
– God willing, we are able to reach but the question is what will we do in the World Cup, if we talked about the decision of the Football Association continually seven foreign players in the Saudi league this decision will harm the Saudi team and the coach if he is good and has experience and reputation but he has no spearhead or good guards will not He can do something.


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