Al-Mayadeen Schalke is back for training!


Schalke return to practice on the field reduced and at a distance between the players.

  • Shackle players in one of the “Bundesliga” matches (archive)

Today, Thursday, the German Schalke team returned to training on the field, after stopping it due to the crisis of the spread of Corona virus “Covid-19”.

Players practice their exercises in a reduced manner and with rules that protect the players, as the security protocol adopted by the German government is implemented, which is the presence of a distance of one and a half meters between each citizen and the other.

The two players, Ahmed Kotoko and Benito Raman, ran on the field, and then the other players performed “soccer tennis” training.

The Bundesliga championship was suspended until April 30 at least.

Several clubs have canceled their training on the field and put in place programs for players to keep fit from home.

Nevertheless, some clubs – including Augsburg – returned to training in reduced form and with groups of players not to exceed five.


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