Al-Khulaifi chooses to negotiate with Canal Plus


Officials in French football clubs announced on Sunday that Nasser Al-Khulaifi, President of Paris Saint-Germain and the “BN” media group, was assigned to negotiate with Canal Plus, the owner of television broadcasting rights, regarding revenues in light of the crisis of the emerging Corona virus.
A number of club officials stated that Al-Khulaifi was assigned to manage negotiations with “Canal Plus” despite his position at the head of the Qatari media group, confirming their “confidence” in a role he would play with the help of three other officials, Olivier Sadran (Toulouse), Jacques Henri-Erode (Marseille) and Jean- Pierre Riviere (Nice).
“I am not sure that many (non-Khalifa) people would have accepted this task at the present time. This shows courage and a real will to defend the interests of football before him,” club president Etienne Bernard Caiaso said in press statements.


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