Al-Kharashi: The “Seven Foreigners” decision deprived us of Saudi talents


          He demanded an equitable decision regarding the continuation of the league after the disappearance of the Corona virus.            </p><div>

          <p>The national coach, Muhammad Al-Kharashi, believes that the increase in foreign professionals gave the Saudi League excitement and excitement, but it obscured the emergence of new Saudi talents, which may significantly affect the appearance of the first team in the upcoming benefits, stressing in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat that the difficult financial conditions that may Most clubs are going through it due to the "Corona" pandemic, which may force it to reduce the number from seven to four foreigners. Al-Kharashi demanded that the national coach be given the opportunity to lead the clubs in the professional league as well as the first-class league, noting that the successes of Saad al-Shehri and Khaled al-Atawi are proof of the local coach's enjoyment of the required features and prove that he needs confidence only. Al-Kharashi stressed that canceling the league this season will frustrate the efforts of the teams presented in the professional league, as well as the efforts of the teams looking to rise to the limelight in the first league, calling for a rational and fair decision after the fade of the Corona virus.

> First of all, how do you evaluate the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup in this season?

  • I think that the midfields are the ones that raised the pace of competition this season, as they benefited a great percentage according to their capabilities and capabilities, and after contracts with foreign players that greatly affected the league competitions technically and raised its level, as there is no longer a team entering the game and its points are safe, and even the big teams You are finding it difficult for the middle teams, and we have seen in many matches how the big teams fall against the small teams, also we do not forget that the biggest beneficiary of this season is the foreign player because of the increase in the allowed limit to contract him to 7, also material support had a great role in the rise Difference level and AS The difference in competition is great between all the teams, but in the first round there were mistakes, and in the second round the performance of some teams improved after attracting new players, in addition to changing their technical equipment and became very influential, and also the pause period if they are used well, these clubs will play a big role in More matches left.

Al-Hayat: Are you with or against the cancellation of the league this season in light of the current circumstances we live in as the Coruna virus continues to spread?

  • I think that canceling the league is a difficult decision, and its continuation is more difficult, because there are many occasions and participations for the Saudi team as well as the teams that play in the AFC Champions League, so it is very difficult for the league to continue without interruption, everyone needs a period of pause and then preparing for the next season, and in this The situation there is injustice on the clubs that prepared and worked for the achievement of achievement and there is work for the rise of the professional league, and this is a legitimate right for all clubs without neglecting that the interest of the country is above all else, and until this moment there is nothing clear about the resumption of the league or not until the announcement of return and the beginning Not in August Provided that the pressure will be great and we will lose a lot of players who represent the team as well as those who participate in the AFC Champions League, so solutions will be very difficult and even if the announce the cancellation of the league also will be a difficult decision and the first-class clubs that compete to climb we must not underestimate its right after it paid Her money, worked, prepared, and competed for a seat in the Professional League so we must consider the decision in the interest of the country in the first place.

In your opinion, what team deserves the title of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup in this season?

  • The team that deserves the title is the one who tops the ranking, and if we talk about the point difference, then between Al Hilal and the second-place winner is 6 points, and when we say we will cancel the competition, the clubs have no guilt, whether the crescent or other, the difference is not two or three points, but six points, so the crescent is Right, and we must adhere to the “FIFA” standards in these cases and what will be applied in non-Arab leagues in order to avoid doubts, and at the same time we must bear in mind that our participation differs from Europe a lot, it is multiple and at the level of the first team and also we have four clubs participating in the Champions League Asia.

The decision to continue the seven foreigners in the Saudi Professional League, do you not think that it affects the local football?

  • Of course, it is an influential decision, as we realize that the presence of seven foreign players gave the Saudi League excitement and excitement, but it obscured the emergence of the Saudi player we need in the first team, so what we are going through now is the absence of distinguished strikers, defenders, guards and players, especially if we want to search On the true distinction, the decision undoubtedly greatly affected the Saudi player, and in general the physical conditions in which the clubs will pass in the next stage will be very difficult, therefore reducing the number of foreigners to four will have a positive return in order to avoid the financial suffering and problems facing the clubs, whether in the professional league or Role In the first degree, otherwise clubs should focus on the technical staff’s teams, as I find that there are exaggerations in the number of accompanying technical staff in technical matters, as we have Saudis who are able to fill this void and also in the technical aspects we have Saudi trainers at a high level and possess the capabilities and experience And in most clubs the device reaches the technical staff to 13 people and the club does not need this number, which costs large amounts related to transportation, housing, tickets and salaries.

Do you think that the Saudi coach did not take his chance at the level of the professional league and even the first division?

  • Unfortunately, until now, there is no conviction with the Saudi coach, and we have models of coaches, whether in the professional league or first class, they have proven their presence, but the Saudi coach always faces pressures, whether honorary, media or mass, and in the past the coach needed to learn and gain experience but now The situation varied, and for the honesty we have 20 Saudi coaches who are able to lead the professional league and the first division and they only need the opportunity and confidence from the clubs.

What do we need to achieve honorable results in the next World Cup, as happened in the World Cup 1994?

  • We must be more realistic and credible. Reaching the World Cup is in itself an achievement at the continental level, and we must realize the strength of the teams that we will meet and their value at the World Cup level, and how far the ball has progressed, we are completely different from them in the capabilities and preparations, so it must be We are more realistic, so the players of the Saudi national team did not have a true professional abroad and they do not have the professional thought to give us excellence on the field, because the Saudi player lacks many things so that he can professionalize, because he grew up on various matters, we do not say that this is his mistake, but society and public life imposed on him , As well as Regarding its pre-adaptation to the weather, nutrition and training, the Saudi player does not possess the character of external professionalism except what is rare, and the only player who did this is Fouad Anwar.

Al-Hayat: How do you see the achievement of national coach Saad Al-Shehri when he led Al-Akhdar to the Tokyo Olympics?

  • I think that the coach Saad Al-Shehri and the coach Khaled Al-Atwi and some of the names that have achieved honorable results have proven their existence and need only to have confidence and continuity, and even the national assistants have experience and capabilities at the level of technical and technical aspects and even medical devices have a role in success.

Can the Saudi coach give up his job and take the risk of working as a professional coach?

– Unfortunately, the guarantees are missing with us. After three to five games, you may become a failed coach despite the lack of means of success from foreign players, medical devices, a period of preparation and special camps. These matters enable any coach to achieve success.

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