Al-Ittihad – Atomic Energy: continued production of medical radioisotopes during the Corona crisis


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has conducted a survey of leading producers of medical radioisotopes based on research reactors to assess the continuity of the supply chain, the results of which confirmed the continued production of radioisotopes used during the emerging epidemic of the Corona virus.Ram Sherma, the acting head of the agency’s operation and maintenance research division, reassured the member states, explaining that the study showed that most of the biological reactors specialized in radioisotope production continued, and said, “Most major research reactors are continuing to work.” On the other hand, the agency expected, in a statement issued by its headquarters in the Austrian capital Vienna, that some hospitals may suffer from a shortage in the supply of medical materials containing small amounts of radioisotopes used in the diagnosis of some types of cancer and chronic diseases due to the closure of borders, the suspension of flights and bottlenecks Transport, which adversely affects the distribution of medical radioisotopes around the world.

Joao Jr., Head of Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology, stressed that the agency assessed the current need for medical radioisotopes, suspended most research and education activities that use radioisotopes, and planned an online conference with stakeholders worldwide to help identify needs and better participation Practical practices, and identifying methods to reduce bottlenecks, in order to ensure continuity of the patient supply chain.


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