Al-Hilal Club News: The most important news of Al-Hilal’s Twitter today .. Al-Dossary’s memories, Eduardo’s experience and the return of the injured


Sport 360 – Team players spend Crescent moon, Compulsory leave in their homes, which was given by the technical staff led by Romanian technical director Razvan Lusescu, for an indefinite period, after the suspension of sports activity.

The Ministry of Sports suspended sports activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with various sports, all tournaments, competitions, and group training, for an indefinite period, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Club coaches awarded Saudi, Compulsory leave for players until further notice, in light of the suspension of sports activity, while imposing fitness exercises to maintain the physical rate.

Reviews Sport 360 .. The most important news of Twitter Crescent today

Al-Dossary recovers memories of Villarreal

Salem Al-Dossary has recovered, averaging a team field Crescent moon, Memories of the period spent by a player in Spain’s Villarreal, by publishing his photos, accompanied by French coach Zinedine Zidane, coach of Real Madrid, and his compatriot Karim Benzema, striker of Al-Maringi.

Eduardo talks about the experience of the Saudi league

Brazilian Carlos Eduardo, playmaker for Al Hilal team, talked about his experience of living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its integration with Saudi society.

Bin Sharqi: I was wronged in the crescent

Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi, the current star of the Egyptian team Zamalek, stressed that he did not have the opportunity to participate with his former team, Al Hilal, in light of playing “Azraq” in the substitute team during that period to hit the two main players.

Al-Dosari publishes greetings to the fans of Villarreal

Salem Al-Dossary, the star of Al-Hilal, published a video showing the interaction of the Spanish fans of Villarreal and their salute to the player, after participating in his only match with the Spanish team’s shirt against Real Madrid.

Chalhoub and Al Abed recover from injury

Mohamed Al-Shalhoub and Nawaf Al-Abed, the two players of Al-Hilal First Football Team, finished their rehabilitation program after suffering a muscle injury.

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