Al-Gomhoria: A presidential headquarters manager called a minister asking him to replace names in a sensitive file


The Secrets of the Gods – “The Day”

In the midst of the auctions in the expatriate return file, it is learned that the Prime Minister, in anticipation of the Cabinet’s decision, was to grant permissions for four flights to Rafic Hariri International Airport, transporting injured and non-corona-infected returnees on the dates of March 21 and 22, March 2 and April 3.

The quantities of potatoes distributed by the brother of a minister in his name for free in the Bekaa under the title of supporting the poor are a “gift” given to him by big traders in exchange for services.

The American Embassy informed its citizens about a flight from Beirut Airport via Qatar Airways to the United States on April 4 for those who wish to return to his country.

Secrets – “The Republic”

Political circles noted that talking about heratics and the protection of small depositors is no longer useful after the compulsive herkies conducted by banks by preventing them from withdrawing in dollars, and spending them at 1,500 liras for those who are forced.

A director of a presidential headquarters contacted a minister asking him to replace names in a sensitive file.

The ambassador of a major country informed a government authority through one of the ministers, insisting on a specific name in the financial appointments.

Secrets – “The Brigade”

A parliamentary reference has been placed in a serious atmosphere that would lead to the resignation of the parliament, if the state’s nibbling continues by a certain team.

Ministers called for reforms to public order before making expensive appointments.

A prominent party did not want to exert pressure outside the circle of wishful thinking about a “Maronite ally” for the accuracy of the stage accounts.

Asrar- “The Call of the Nation”

A prominent minister conveyed the messages between Presidents Michel Aoun and Nabih Berri regarding the issue of returning expatriates.

Governmental circles reported that about 300,000 families will benefit from the government’s assistance to people with limited incomes, as the army will take over and the northern regions will have a large share of the basket.

Concerned circles in Nabatieh asked about the absence of the Union of Municipalities in the battle against Corona, and she said: “If today the Union does not open its fund for financially troubled municipalities to face the crisis and help people, when will it open it?”

Secrets – “Building”

Lebanese human rights organizations said they are monitoring the government’s handling of the file of the Lebanese detainee in the French prison, George Abdullah, after he ended his sentence years ago, and after the French government decided to release prisoners who did not end their sentences with crimes incompatible with the cause of Abdullah because of the Corona, because legal and humanitarian considerations and the state’s responsibility for its citizens are factors It imposes an official move towards France to demand that George Abdullah be included in the list of thousands of prisoners to be released.

European sources said that they do not expect an escalation in the situation between Washington and Tehran because the escalating mutual statements are similar to those exchanged by Hezbollah and “Israel” and stipulate a threat to the other party’s initiative for military action while the two parties seem unwilling to initiate this work; the sources did not exclude that this situation includes Iraq Where escalation between the Americans and the allied resistance forces to Iran.


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