Al-Fahad’s victory over her followers with a new look .. And the audience is “married married”!


The Kuwaiti fashnista appeared on “Fawz Al-Fahad” through her Instagram account, following her on a new block that impressed the public.

Fawz changed her hair color to the blonde shades, after the fans got used to her brown tones, and she appeared in the video while singing the song “Fadel Shaker”.

The video, which achieved more than 600 thousand views through Fawaz’s account, included comments from the public who liked her new block, which included cute comments, including “Lock Locks,” meaning most girls who change their hair color usually when they marry blondes of different degrees.

On the other hand, it is reported that Fawz entered the golden cage recently with a simple marriage between family and close relatives due to the Corona virus, and she took the lead in her marriage to billionaire businessman Abdul Latif Al-Sarraf, who provided her with expensive jewelry from the ancient “Cartier” house worth millions Dollars, gifts varied between “private yacht and private plane”.

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