Al-Dosari joins the list of possible departures from the Saudi Crescent


Salem Al Dossari, the Saudi Al Hilal wing, hinted at the possibility of his departure from the “leader”, to join a possible list of players that could leave the team, during the next transfer window.

Al-Dossary is considered one of the most prominent productions of the youth sector in Al-Hilal Club, before being promoted to the first team in 2011, where he has played 215 games since then, during which he scored 39 goals and made 34.

Al-Dosari contributed to crowning Al Hilal with the AFC Champions League title for the third time in the club’s history, and also participated with the “leader” in the FIFA Club World Cup 2019, which won fourth place.

Tip to leave

The Saudi superstar hinted at the possibility of leaving, especially after receiving a number of European offers, saying in radio statements: “I have received many attractive offers during the last period, including one from an English club.”

Al-Dosari stressed that professionalism in Europe is the true meaning of playing football, noting that he is looking forward to a new experience in his career, especially as he is currently 28 years old.

Al-Dosari has become an indispensable element in the basic formation of Al Hilali Club in the recent period, as it forms a left-fire front accompanied by Yasser Al-Shahrani.

Previous experience

Turning to his previous professional experience in Spain’s Villarreal, Al-Dossary confirmed that it contributed to his development clearly, and made him the best player skillfully and in terms of speed.

Al-Hilal player revealed that Villarreal was willing to renew his loan, but Al-Hilali club refused this and stuck to its services, stressing that he is also very happy in the ranks of Al-Hilal.

It is noteworthy that Al-Dosari had a professional experience in Villarreal club, for a period of 6 months from January to June 2018, and he played with the team only one match against Real Madrid at the end of the Spanish league season.

Possible list

Al-Dosari’s suggestion that he might leave means that he will enter a possible list of players who are likely to leave in the coming period, according to several press reports.

And press reports had hinted that more than one player could leave Al-Hilal due to their high salaries, in addition to the desire of some to take on a new challenge.

Italian Sebastian Giovinco, the playmaker “leader”, has been linked with the departure from the Crescent, in light of the desire of Parma of Italy to sign him alongside Vasco da Gama, Brazil.

Moreover, Carlos Eduardo was associated with the departure, given the desire of more than one Brazilian club to include him, in addition to rumors concerning the French Pavitimbi Gomez.


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