Al-Bunni in an interview with Al-Hurra: The trial of the Assad regime in Germany is only the beginning


Syrian lawyer and activist Anwar al-Bunni stressed that the prosecution of a member of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Germany is only the beginning of other trials in Europe to try the elements of the regime that have accused the systematic repression against his people and committed crimes against humanity.

He said in an interview with the “Al-Hurra” website that Anwar Raslan, a former Syrian intelligence agent, is being tried in Germany, where he will be represented in a session for the first trial in the world dealing with violations attributed to the Syrian regime.

Raslan was leading an investigation unit with its own prison in the Damascus area known as “Branch 251” and “Branch 231” and targeting Syrian opposition elements, “an accomplice in the commission of crimes against humanity.”

He used to run the prison where “at least four thousand people” had been subjected to torture between the end of April 2011 and the beginning of September 2012, according to the public prosecutor in Germany, while “at least 58 people died as a result of torture” to which they were subjected.

Prosecutors suspect that one of the veterans of the General Intelligence Department of Syria, who defected from the Assad regime in 2012 before coming to Germany in 2014, has been detained with them since February 2019.

In response to “Al-Hurra” inquiries, Al-Bunni said that the global jurisdiction of the trial in Germany will prevent the Assad regime and its elements from impunity away from possible political understandings between countries.

He stated that universal jurisdiction will limit the impunity of elements of al-Assad, which is distinct from that of the International Criminal Court, which belongs to the UN Security Council and which can be subject to political understandings between countries.

He stressed that the global jurisdiction is independent and cannot be controlled and deals with the facts, away from the political complications and manipulations that could affect the progress of the case, and the victims are the real actors in such cases.

Although the accused is a Syrian citizen, he will be tried under the principle of international justice, which allows a foreign country to prosecute perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

The trial of Anwar Raslan is of special importance to Al-Bunni’s lawyer, considering that it represents a trial message for the entire Syrian regime, especially for the elements who have committed crimes against Syrian citizens and see themselves as a central piece that was working with the Syrian regime.

In detail about what Raslan committed against the Syrians, Al-Bunni said that he was a key element in “Section 251”, which is considered essential to the security of the state throughout the country, and committed crimes against thousands of Syrians, and he was one of those responsible for the systematic policy of torturing citizens.

And Ruslan killed hundreds if not thousands of Syrians during his work with the regime, which is part of a barbaric machine that was and is still arresting and torturing activists in a way that leads to their killing, according to Bunni.

He pointed out that many Syrians expressed their willingness to testify and disclose what happened with them, to hold account criminals of the system, including Anwar Raslan, explaining that this trial will be the beginning of the follow-up and prosecution of more than a thousand people who have committed war crimes against humanity and the Syrians, regardless of who belongs to him, whether the regime of Bashar al-Assad Or others.

Wrestlan, 57, will be tried in addition to another person with him named Iyad Al-Ghareeb, 43, who are two elements in the Damascus prison in which he committed torture. They were arrested in February of 2019, in a process that was coordinated between the German and French police, according to a previous statement by the office. The prosecutor in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Raslan and those with him were aware of the level of torture, which means that he also knew that prisoners were dying as a result of severe violence, not to mention allegations against them of “at least one case of rape and sexual assault.”


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