Al Arabia: No delay in launching the new airline in Abu Dhabi – Economy – Local Market


A spokesman for Air Arabia said today that there are no plans to delay or postpone the launch of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi.

The spokesman added, in a statement to Al-Bayan, that the preparatory work for the launch is still going on, and its progress will depend on the improvement of the market situation.

He continued: “We condemn the speculative report published by Bloomberg, which included misleading information about the delay in the launch of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi.”

Last October, Etihad Airways and Air Arabia announced their plan to establish an economical airline, and they said they wanted to take advantage of the growing demand for low-cost travel to and from Abu Dhabi. The new company, Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, will be the fifth airline in the Emirates.

A spokesman for Air Arabia pointed out that publishing news that is not based on facts or distorting it, especially at a time when the economy in general is facing its biggest challenge, which is not positive, and news agencies must act consciously, responsibly and review the facts when publishing such news.



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