Al-Akhbar: Franjieh ‘determined’ to resign and his decision to be translated today …


“Al-Akhbar” newspaper reported that the leader of the leader, former MP Suleiman Franjieh, insists on representing him in two of these seven locations in the financial appointments, after he had long complained about the monopoly of the Free Patriotic Movement leader, Gibran Bassil, threatening to withdraw from the government. The newspaper added that Franjieh, who succeeded in grabbing two ministerial seats prior to forming the government in exchange for the support of his bloc, did not succeed yesterday in pushing the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun and Basil, to give him what he wanted, as they remained until last night, insisting on the names presented without any amendment.

“Al-Akhbar” added that Hezbollah’s efforts did not succeed in persuading Aoun and Basil to accept the partnership, nor did Franjieh withdraw its position. The leader of the Marada believes that “Basil has not and will not change and he wants exclusivity”, and he demanded that Hezbollah “relieve him of the task of staying in this government, because I gave what I have and gave my bloc’s support to form a government and the country does not fall into chaos,” while the party representatives replied that “The time is not right for excessive government and the circumstances are accurate.”

According to the information, the decision to withdraw Franjieh from the government will be translated today primarily in the absence of his two ministers from the session in which the appointments are supposed to be presented. For its part, prominent sources in the March 8 forces confirmed that “all efforts failed, unfortunately, and the battles are meaningless. Under Corona and everything that happens, the battle for the presidency is fought.”


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