Al-Ahly: We are ready to double the amounts to help Moamen Zakaria .. Treatment is very expensive


Sharif Fouad, a spokesman for Al-Ahly’s Board of Directors, confirmed that the Red Castle is ready to repeat the allocation of other funds in order to ensure the treatment of Moamen Zakaria, the Red Genie player.

Sharif Fouad said that Al-Ahly considers helping Moamen Zakaria in the current circumstance an obligation on him, indicating that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club president, confirmed continuing to support Moamen Zakaria with more money in the coming period.

Fouad said in his statements to Tin TV channel: “Some people understand the matter wrong, Al-Ahly has a duty to do this duty towards Moamen Zakaria even if he is not restricted to the first team.”

He added: “Mahmoud Al-Khatib stressed that he will not falter or delay in supporting Moamen Zakaria with one, two and three in the coming period, and Al-Ahly made a first payment within 6 months and there is another payment within 6 months as well.”

Fouad concluded, saying: “If this amount is small because this disease is very costly to treat, then there will be a decision by the Board of Directors to repeat the amount or double it after the approval of the administrative authority.”

It is reported that Sherif Fouad was On Tuesday evening, he confirmed in official statements to Al-Ahly channel that Moamen Zakaria did not receive the financial check issued by the Red Fort for receiving treatment, despite its issuance more than a month and a half ago.


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