Al-Ahly of Egypt prevents its player from “professionalizing” the “FIFA Electronic” championship – Sports – Arab and International


Al-Ahly club refused to participate Ahmed El-Sheikh in the “FIFA Electronic Games” championship, which will be held from 21-25 this month.
Al-Ahly football director Syed Abdul Hafeez said in statements conveyed to his club’s official website that the player’s refusal to participate was due to the absence of any notification to the club by the party responsible for nominating the players. He emphasized that the responsible party did not obtain the approval of the club, which is necessary, especially since Ahmed Sheikh is a professional player in the team.

Abdul Hafeez emphasized the Sheikh’s right to play the game in an “amateur” manner, but not at the professional level, especially as these matters need controls and other criteria, the club must be aware of and aware of them, to take what it deems appropriate to maintain the spherical system of work. He added that Ahmed Al-Sheikh informed the agency that officially nominates the players that he would not participate in the tournament.




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