Ajax annulls Nuri’s contract after waking up from the coma


Ajax Club canceled today, Tuesday, a contract Player Abdelhak Nuri, Who suffered severe and permanent brain damage, after suffering a heart attack during a pre-season friendly match, mid-2017.
Local media reported today that Ajax continued to pay the player’s salary but canceled his contract, which was to be automatically renewed on July 1, now officially.

The English newspaper “Telegraph” added that the club is negotiating with the Nuri family, about a future solution for the player who moved to a specially equipped room in his home, after years in the hospital.

A long dispute arose between Ajax and the Nuri family, who are demanding a financial settlement, after the club admitted earlier that there was no “adequate” medical care on the field, after the midfielder fell during a friendly match against Werder Bremen in July 2017 in Austria.

Despite awakening on the field and being taken by plane to the hospital, he suffered permanent and serious brain damage.

“We realize our responsibilities for the consequences of that,” said Edwin van der Sar, general manager of Ajax in 2018.

Nuri, born in Amsterdam to parents from Morocco, participated in 15 games with Ajax in his first season 2016-2017 when he was among the youth, but he is currently 22 years old.


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